Does picture frame quality matter?
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Does picture frame quality matter?

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We like to think that both the artwork and the picture frame is a composite, which together deserve the term “a work of art,” and in this respect picture frame quality does matter. In this article, we will explore five reasons why the quality of a picture frame deserves thoughtful consideration.

Aesthetic appeal

First things first: the look. A well-made frame does more than just hold a picture — it enhances it, making everything look more cohesive and eye-catching.

A well-imagined and constructed picture frame has the unique ability to express an individual or unique style to anyone who sees it. Whether it’s in the home, office, or place of business, the quality of a picture frame speaks volumes about who you are.


Quality picture frames are built to last. At SohoFrames, our bespoke frames are made with premium materials (wood, glass, mountboards, backing, and hangings) that meet or exceed conservation and archival standards.


Even in the case of our standard or gallery-type frames, we meticulously select wood sections for a flawless finish, expertly assemble corners, and employ techniques to minimise joint lines. Our attention to detail is the same whatever the frame may cost. We also offer options like UV-protective glass and cotton mountboards to increase the protection for your artworks.


High-quality framing opens up a world of options in respect to customising the overall look. This includes choice of materials, frame profile shape and size, colour and finish.

From our 5-floor central London workshop, our skilled team specialises in designing and crafting bespoke frames across a range of shapes and sizes, bringing our clients’ creative picture framing ideas to life.


At SohoFrames, we have a strong commitment to ethical practices. We source our timber from an FSC-accredited timber yard, we produce frames that last, and make efforts to recycle and upcycle whenever possible. We can even construct and upcycle frames using your own wood, old doors, floorboards, etc.

Final thoughts

A custom or bespoke built picture frame does have a higher up-front cost. However, we believe this is an investment and over a lifetime of viewing pleasure offers excellent value for money. With us it only has to be done once. You also get to personalise the frame to reflect your own individual style as well as complimenting the actual artwork in the best way possible.

To learn more about our bespoke framing services here at SohoFrames, please get in touch with us today.

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