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Why You Should Frame Artwork

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Framing is an essential element of an artwork’s viewing experience and can drastically alter the visual presentation of a room. When it’s done correctly, the right frame will enhance the art that it encases — acting as an extension of the piece. If it’s not framed, however, you could be neglecting both your art and your interior aesthetics.

Whether you’re a budding artist or an art-enthusiast, chances are you’re quickly accumulating a collection that you’d like to display. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of framing artwork so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.


To protect your art

A good quality, sturdy frame is the first line of defence in protecting art from dust, moisture and wear and tear. Unfortunately, accidental damage has diminished the glory of works by some of the most renowned artists, such as Pablo Picasso’s “The Actor,” which was famously torn in 2010 when a woman fell on it. To avoid costly errors, your art should be protected before it’s displayed in the home or a gallery — regardless of whether or not it’s a Picasso worth £80 million.

What’s more, a frame can help preserve the integrity of the artwork’s colours. Though it can’t completely prevent all fading, UV-protective glass mitigates against sunlight exposure, which can deteriorate the pigments in ink over time. As part of our framing service we can use our ArtGlass which is anti-reflective and graded with 70%, 92% or 99% UV protection to minimise fading as much as possible. This lets you feel confident you can display your art proudly, whatever the setting.

To elevate the piece

Framing art plays a key role in how it is perceived. For example, dramatic compositions with lots of movement, such as some Expressionist works, can appear unstructured or visually incohesive without a frame. The appropriate frame can focus attention on the central subject matter and enhance the art’s viewing experience. If you’ve invested a lot of time or money into your artwork, the last thing you want to do is undermine its success — and a good frame is the missing tool that designers and curators often neglect.

Here at SohoFrames, we use a variety of materials in our frames, from finished woods to aluminium in a range of styles. Our experts can offer advice on the type that will most effectively present your works and highlight the elements that you like. We typically consider factors like the colour palette and media used to determine the kind of frame that will best exhibit the art, as well as your personal preferences.

To complement your interior design

We believe that you should always frame for the piece, not the room in which it will be displayed — but effective framing can still complement other elements of décor and provide harmony between your interiors and artwork. We generally recommend frames that are simple and timeless so as not to distract from the art or clash with other furnishings. This way, the art can be easily moved between rooms and adapt to the style of wherever it is placed.

However, if your home or business has a particular aesthetic that you’d like to match, there is no shortage of weird and wonderful frame styles that our designers can build. For example, some choose particularly ornate frames to match their luxurious home style, or intricate geometric cuts and multi-aperture panels for a modern feel. In any case, we’ll always give you the final say over your frame style at SohoFrames, so you can ensure that it brings out the best in your artwork and your space.

If you’re looking for more guidance on framing your favourite artwork, get in touch with us today or pop in for a chat at our London workshop — we’d be more than happy to help.

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