Same Day Framing

Here at SohoFrames® we specialise in super-fast framing to the highest standard. We offer a sameday framing and a next-day service on almost all of our frame ranges. We also offer a Night / Out-of-hours emergency service as required. Please contact us for details.

We recommend you to come to the workshop for a one-to-one consultation with our experienced team, alternatively, please email or call.

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Framing styles

Classic Mounted

The artwork is framed bordered with a window mount (sometimes called a Matt or
Passepartout). If the artwork is valuable / antique etc and requires extra protection, then
we can fit an archival backing behind the front mount. The two pieces are hinged together,
and this is called a Presentation Mount. Out standard mountboard we use to make window
mounts is 2mm archival board, but we also offer mounts in 1.4mm all the way up to 4.1mm,
the thickest board on the market. Maximum outside size possible is 2600mm x 1524mm.

Classic Mounted & Text Box

Similar to the above but with an extra aperture cut into the mountboard to hold some
printed text. We can also replace this for an engraved metal plaque. Plaques can also be
displayed on the actual frame body.


Here the artwork is attached to a backing mountboard. It can then be framed with a spacer
(the recommended best practice). Spacers can be anything from 1.5mm upwards, the most
common sizes being 12mm and 20mm. This example is framed using a 3mm acid-free acrylic
spacer, which is almost impossible to notice but does maintain an air-gap between the glass
and the work.


Here the artwork “hovers” over the backing mountboard by being attached to a hidden
plinth, usually made of foamcore or Kappa board. “hover height” is generally 5-6mm. The
light falling onto the frame creates a pleasing shadow around the artwork. This method is
often used with ragged edge prints. A spacer is always needed and this example is framed
using a 12mm paper-wrapped acid-free spacer. We can also make spacers of any depth as
well as matching exactly the mounting board colour.


With this method the picture frame fits right to the edge of the artwork. The print has been
drymounted to prevent it wrinkling and although not recommended best practice the glass
is placed directly on top. This method is not recommended for valuable and / or
irreplaceable artworks. For these a spacer would be needed.


This time the work is recessed with a paper-wrapped spacer. Spacers can also be any colour
or to match the frame. The work is usually drymounted so it “sits” better on the spacer but
does not always have to be.


Printed directly onto high quality heavy weight canvas and then stretched around a wooden
rim. We can print canvas at sizes of 1524mm x 3000mm and then stretch these for you.
However, anything over 2000mm long we would need to do on-site. On-site stretching can
be even larger so please contact us for details. We offer two types of stretcher rims, one
from wood, usually knot-free finger-joined pine with strengthening batons if needed and
the other is a museum grade wooden-aluminium composite stretcher rim. Although more
expensive than plain wood this kind of stretcher will always remain perfectly true due to its
superior construction.


With this example the stretched canvas is fitted inside a tray or canvas floater frame with a
small gap around the edges. We can also frame works on board and dibond panels with this
method and we make custom tray frames in almost any wood, any depth and size, colour,
finish, etc, depending on your exact specifications.


All our frame prices are calculated using the circumference of the finished frame or ‘per finished metre’. For example a finished A2 frame totals approximately 2 finished metres. If this particular style of frame is priced at £40 ‘per finished metre’ then that frame would cost £80 + VAT.

All frame prices generally include 2mm float glass, conservation backing and hangings as standard.

All prices shown are quoted exclusive of VAT. All our frames / mounts are created to your exact size requirements. We do not charge extra for non standard sizes. Prices are ALWAYS calculated to the mm and so based only on the material used.

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