At SohoFrames, we can frame anything for our customers, no matter what kind of artwork or item it is. From our Central London studio, our team are able to design and build bespoke frames in any style, delivering on the creative picture framing concepts that our clients bring us. We consult with our clients, be they private or commercial, on every unique framing project, including a complete design, 3D visualisation, mock-up, and carpentry service, for all types of specialist framing projects. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the creative framing we’ve undertaken for our clients, from triangle and double-sided frames to object framing and engravings.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, or to arrange a consultation.

Unique Framing Projects

When it comes to our bespoke frames, it isn’t just a case of creating something made-to-measure for a regular print or poster. Whether you’re looking to have a football shirt framed, or hang up an oversized poster, we can build a unique frame that is designed to your exact needs.

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Odd Shaped frames

It’s true that much artwork is rectangular in shape, but if you’ve got something in a more awkward design that you’re dying to display, we can deliver. From circular or round frames to more intricate pieces.

For example, this trapezium-shaped oak frame with 45° cut corners required 135° angled joints to be wall-mounted. On its reverse side, butterfly wedges hold the frame together, along with jointed latticework made from 18mm plywood. This lattice of milled pieces supports the artwork.

Triangle frames

Similarly, we were asked to build a unique picture frame to display this series of eight triangular paintings, which would fit together into an octagon. This required designing an additional series of fixtures and jigs, as well as machine cutting the frame itself to ensure the correct angles were created.

Object Framing

Beyond 2D artwork like prints, photos, and posters, we’re also just as adept at creating bespoke frames for objects, be they thinner items like articles of clothing or something more irregularly-shaped. We take each of our unique frames on a client-by-client basis and will design, render, and construct every frame to meet the specifications of what objects our customers want to have framed.

For example, the bespoke frame for this commemorative spade was designed to meet the client’s request that there not be any visible screws or fixings. The frame also needed to be deep enough to accommodate the curve of the spade’s blade, requiring a full 136mm of internal space between glass and backing. To get started, we made 3D renders with three options: the first in all-white, as originally specified by the client and, for comparison, two more renders with oak panelling on the inside. Ultimately, the former remained the client’s choice, so our CNC designer came up with a device which could support the spade. All 11 pieces of the final frame were produced in-house on our CNC wood router, and were assembled, finished, and then sprayed with a satin finish, before the frame was finished with anti-reflective glass.

Fine-carved & personalised frames

At SohoFrames, we can offer our clients a creative framing service which includes fine carvings to accommodate captions or labelling, making the frame unique to your photos and artwork. This frame, for example, features a text carving onto a solid block of Wenge, which is mounted into a second aperture that has been cut into the existing window mount. This bespoke framing style can be applied to the frame itself, or within the picture mounting, and we will be happy to discuss which of these methods will work best for your pictures via a phone consultation.

Double-sided frames

We often design bespoke picture frames based on sketches and designs from our clients, no matter how detailed or rough. This group of photographs shows how the process works, taking into account the original drawing, then our design stage, including 3D renders to explain how the frame fits together. The final image shows the actual finished custom frame, made from polished walnut, which can be opened by pushing out the top butterfly locking pieces, then simply removing the uppermost frame edge. We can make this kind of true doubled-sided frame (which looks exactly the same from either side) to any size and shape. The type of wood and finishes can be almost anything.

Meanwhile, this double aperture wooden picture frame was made from Sapele wood, and incorporates a solid panel with a second aperture and additional carving cut into it. The images again show the client’s initial design, 3D renders, and the finished frame.


Multi-aperture frames

Meanwhile, this double aperture wooden picture frame was made from Sapele wood, and incorporates a solid panel with a second aperture and additional engraving. The images again show the client’s initial design, 3D renders, and the finished frame.



Double tray revamped frame

Even with existing frames, which many people may think cannot be customised, we are able to turn them into a unique frame to our clients. For example, one client brought us this frame, which came to us with a thick coat of hand-applied yellow paint. They wanted SohoFrames to change the colour and, additionally, turn it into a double tray frame. This required us to remove the yellow paint and apply a CNC-cut MDF surround, which we then glued into place. The joins were filled with 2-pack acrylic filler, and the entire frame was sanded to stop it from being off-square. To replace the yellow coat, we sprayed the frame with Traffic White (a RAL code) with a satin finish.

Double tray auction house frame

This is another double-trayed bespoke frame, designed for a large auction house in London. The photos above show the workings and separate processes, including our initial designs. The frame itself was made using Medite MDF, and then sprayed to an RAL code with a satin finish.

Unique Framing Projects: TOTO - Africa

CNC cut Africa shape for TOTO Africa frame

This especially unique framing project was from a client looking to present a piece of music memorabilia for auction, with a rough sketch provided for an initial guideline. The client asked that the frame would consist of a mirrored back and, inspired by Toto’s song “Africa”, that the frame included a cut-out of the continent of Africa, along with a shelf to hold three glass bottles of African rainwater, which would be signed by members of the band.

The map of Africa was cut from 6mm MDF along with the shelf, which had circular indentations cut into it to securely hold the bottles. The MDF was then painted matte black and fixed to the mirror with spacers and a standard gallery frame. The finished custom frame was sold at auction for charity and the story was picked up by Planet Rock.


Bespoke Toto Africa frame

Irregular Shaped Frames

We can make frames in almost any shape. The set of three frames here were cut to the exact shape of the artworks. Frames made from Tulip and cut from a single board made up of two or three butt-joined planks which were then black stained and finished with shellac and wax to the client’s specification.  

Frame Replication

We can also copy the design of an existing frame and then carve a replica. The painted antique frame was the original and we carved the replica from a solid piece of white American oak. This was then stained and finished to the client’s specification. The design can so be scaled up to make further frames of different bespoke sizes, the profile also enlarging to scale. Photo of finished artwork by kind permission of the client.

Customised Colours

As well as milling wood to almost any profile shape we also stain and spray to almost any colour code as well. (RAL, F&B, etc). The image shows a trio of tray or canvas floater frames custom stained to different RAL codes. Please contact us for further information.

Unique Picture Frame Design

We can carve frames to order starting from a client or a designer’s sketch. We can then create a physical example before building the approved picture frame. And not only ornate frames. If you have a design concept for a residential or commercial space please get in contact.

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