• “Client”
    Party / individual / company placing the order in accordance with this agreement.
  • “Order”
    Theorder / instruction placed by the client for the supply of printing and / or framing by SohoFrames Ltd.
  • “Works”
    Framing, stretching, re-stretching, bonding, drymounting, staining, painting, polishing, printing or any other process carried out on the premises.
  • “Price”
    The cost in GBP as indicated on the orderform / quote.
  • “Quote”
    Estimate of the price of SohoFrames Ltd providing the requested services / works.


  • SohoFrames Ltd will insure any individual artwork up to a maximum value of £1000 whilst it is on our premises and for loss / damage that may be caused by the works being carried out. This guarantee does NOT include the re-stretching of artworks on canvas, drymounting the client’s own work, or during work undertaken against the best advice of SohoFrames Ltd.
  • The Client must notify SohoFrames Ltd if artwork(s) with a value greater than £1000 are placed with us for framing / re-stretching or for any other works that are requested to be carried out by SohoFrames Ltd. All artworks with a value greater than £1000 must be covered by the owner’s own insurance during transit to \ from our premises and for during the time they are on our premises under our care or being worked upon by our employees.
  • Valuable artworks can often be framed sameday, by prior arrangement, while the client is in attendance.
  • We may also, at the Client’s request, obtain insurance to cover artworks while they are within our care. This will be done at the client’s expense. Written proof of value must be provided by the Client.
  • Binding quotes for framing / printing work can only be given in writing, either by email or on the order form.
  • Quotes are good for sizes and materials stated. If quotes are given before receiving the artwork and changes / additional processes are demanded / requested then a new quote will be issued.
  • Quotes must be approved in writing before we commence any work.
  • Quotes remain valid for a period of 1 month from date of issue.
  • Once a Quote has been approved and Works commence any subsequent changes in specification of materials, colours, sizes, finishes, etc, could be chargeable depending on the level of progress made when we acknowledge the change. It is advisable to write AND call us ASAP to advise us of any changes needed.
  • The Company is not liable or obliged the offer compensation for delays to any order due to supplier issues / delivery hold-ups or erroneous stock information.
  • Custom carved frames, as well as frames that require custom spraying, gilding, or other similar work require a deposit payment in advance.
  • Picture frames and other products made or supplied by SohoFrames Ltd that are to be hung in public areas, which can include exhibition spaces, galleries, shops, offices and other commercial places, places of work, communal hallways etc, are hung there at the clients’ own risk. We do not accept any responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may result from or from where our picture frames may be considered a factor in. We recommend that the Client and associated parties conduct their own professional risk assessment(s) as necessary before displaying/hanging/exhibiting  picture frames / products made or supplied by SohoFrames Ltd wherever that may be and advise us accordingly in respect to glazing type and the hangings required. This may include the acrylic glazing or laminated safety glass as well as security fixings that lock the frame(s) onto the wall. We will need to be notified of this BEFORE the placement of any order and require a copy of the Hazard Assessment.
  • We recommend that any picture hanging be carried out by a professional and insured art installer for any commercial/public space. A trained art installer will assess both frame(s) and hanging space as to their suitability and safety. It is also the Client’s responsibility to confirm that the Picture / Art Installer(s) are insured to carry out the work required of them.
  • SohoFrames Ltd reserve the right to amend / change the Terms and Conditions of Sohoframes Ltd without notice.


  • This is always done at owner’s risk unless we print the prints.
  • Valuable and / or irreplaceable artworks should not be drymounted and SohoFrames Ltd, if subsequently instructed to perform this process either by us or one of our trusted partners, requires written authorisation and waiver of responsibility before commencing. This must be done in person.
  • The Client accepts all risks associated with this process and agrees that Sohoframes Ltd is not liable for any loss of value, real or perceived, both to the piece and including any reputational risk, that may result from this process.
  • The Client accepts that placing an order for a drymount via email or other form of electronic communication implies that they accept these risks and agree to the waiver of responsibility for the process.
  • If a drymount damages any print printed by Sohoframes Ltd then we will re-print at no extra cost to the Client.
  • Re-stretching canvases which have been previously stretched can result in damage (not limited to tears, paint flaking off, cracks, etc) and these are risks borne and accepted solely by the Client whatever the value of the artwork.


  • The Client agrees to pay the cost in full of the agreed works in respect to the agreed payment terms;
  • A deposit may be asked for at our discretion.
  • Special, custom carved, custom designed frames, custom sprayed frames, will require a desposit of 50% before work can be started.
  • The balance, whatever proportion of the final Price it may be, is payable upon completion of the agreed work either by VISA / Mastercard debit / credit card or by bank transfer.
  • For Business Clients: if payment is to be made by bank transfer then a credit application form must be completed by the client. Works cannot be started until this form is completed.
  • The Client agrees to pay statutory late payment fees plus interest at 8% above base rate or in accordance with the current government legislation where invoice payment terms are exceeded without prior agreement between SohoFrames Ltd and the Client.
  • We will only release work for collection / delivery before payment has been made at our discretion or under prior arrangement.
  • We ask Private Clients to pay by bank transfer before collection, at the time of collection, or before delivery. This helps us to minimise passing on supplier price increases. All clients have the right however to settle by credit/debit card.
  • We do not currently accept American Express.
  • Uncollected framing work will be kept for a maximum of 3 months. We will endeavour to contact the Client by phone and email but if the invoice remains unpaid we reserve the right to either pass the debt on to our chosen debt collector along with the associated administrative costs or, dispose off the artwork. No compensation whatsoever will be paid by Sohoframes Ltd to the Client(s) in this instance and nor will we accept any claim for the non-return of artwork.
  • The Client / company placing the order / accepting the Quote is responsible for payment in full unless otherwise agreed before Works commence.
  • If a 3rd party is going to settle the costs then this must be agreed with Sohoframes Ltd before Works commence or are released for collection / despatch.
  • We do not accept cash payments.
  • VAT is chargeable on all works at the prevailing rate. Quotes are given net of VAT but VAT will always be indicated separately.
  • The Client is responsible for any bank charges that may result when settling an invoice(s) by international bank transfer.
  • Payment is only accepted in GBP.
  • All frames will remain the property of SohoFrames Ltd until payment is settled in full.


  • Once an order has been agreed and the Works finished the Client will not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid.
  • By placing an order with SohoFrames Ltd the Client accepts in full the Terms and Conditions of Business.


  • All frames made by SohoFrames Ltd are guaranteed for defective materials / workmanship for a period of one calendar year.
  • SohoFrames Ltd takes every care when handling / framing clients’ artworks. However, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the client accepts that any damage / loss that may arise during the framing process or while on our premises will be limited to a maximum of £1000 per client. This includes loss or reputation, profit or any other financial / economic loss suffered by the Client with respect to the work.
  • Any process that may result in possible damage to the artwork will be explained to and accepted by the Client before Work commences. These processes may include but are not limited to the following: drymounting, re-stretching canvases.
  • The Client is responsible for using the correct wall fixings when hanging their frames. Any damage that may arise is at the clients’ expense.
  • SohoFrames Ltd is not liable under any circumstances for any damage that may arise once the framed artworks leave our premises.
  • Any alterations, adjustments, and disassembly for whatever reason of picture frames made by Sohoframes Ltd by any third party, which includes the Client, invalidates our warranty unless the proposed work is agreed with us in writing beforehand.
  • Once any frame or artwork leaves our premises all risk passes to the Client.
  • If delivery is authorised by the Client, whether using a courier hired by themselves or authorising us to organise delivery with a courier of our choosing and the Client or the Client’s representatives are unable to examine the frames, artworks, prints, etc, on our premises in person for any reason before despatch, the Client implicitly accepts that they are fit for purpose and free from any obvious defects.