Posters add unique personality and style to any room in your house. Whether you want to showcase your favourite band or movie, or celebrate a local event you had a hand in organising, take it to the next level with a suitably striking custom poster frame. Soho Frames creates one-of-a-kind designs for artwork of any size, including large and extra large poster frames, to match not only the poster itself, but the room in which it will be hung.

For more information about how we work or to explore our range of services, get in touch with any queries you have about your specific poster framing needs

We can print and frame posters

If required, we can print your posters using fine art giclee printing on a variety of stock. Should you choose this option, we also dry mount the poster print so that it remains flat and secure inside the frame.

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  • Black Smooth Finish, White Smooth Finish Black Smooth Finish, White Smooth Finish

  • Metallic Gunmetal, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic Metallic Gunmetal, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic

  • Black Woodgrain, White Woodgrain Black Woodgrain, White Woodgrain

  • Matt Grey, Brown Wood Effect Matt Grey, Brown Wood Effect


  • Maximum poster frame size

    We can accommodate large poster frames, up to 2m x 1.5m max frame outside size.

  • Irreplaceable posters

    Valuable or irreplaceable posters require special consideration. Contact us for more information.

  • Exact sized poster frames

    We have a set cost for framing posters straight to edge: where the frame goes straight around the edge of the poster without any window mounting. Get in touch for prices.

Choose YOUR poster frame size and style:

Posters come in a range of sizes — usually depending on the era they were made. Whether it be large posters or awkward sizes, we can accommodate any poster dimensions and are always able to give advice on the style of your frame. Please Get in touch to find out more.

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Quad Poster Frames

Measuring 40” x 30” in a landscape layout (although often done vertically in the modern era). Quad poster frames are the movie industry standard for advertising upcoming attractions in UK cinemas.

The paper stock is heavier and will usually have the print on both sides, making the image look more impactful when displayed in a lightbox.



22 x 22 profile frame cost. This includes standard glass, backing and hangings — any other processes requested will result in an additional cost.

Papers included at this price:

Price: £135.13 plus VAT (£162.16 inclusive)

Prices £135.13 plus VAT (£162.16 inclusive)
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One Sheet Film Poster Frames

One-sheet poster frames measure 41” x 27” and are the most common size for movie posters made in the last twenty years.

A portrait design, one-sheet posters are often seen at bus stops or pasted on walls.



22 x 22 profile frame cost. This includes standard glass, backing and hangings.

Papers included at this price:

The 22 x 22 frame is not suitable for poster size 1524mm x 1016mm. Please contact us for advice.

Prices One Sheet - £119.14 plus VAT (£142.97 inclusive)
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Other sized poster frames

Movie posters don’t just come in the dimensions required for advertising, and reproductions are often printed in a range of sizes to suit home use.

These tend to be within the usual remits of A and B paper sizes, all of which we frame at Soho Frames.



Cost includes standard glass, backing and hangings, but excludes dry mounting.

B1 £119.49 plus VAT (£143.39 inclusive)
B2 £84.49 plus VAT (£101.39 inclusive)
A0 £142.10 plus VAT (£170.52 inclusive)
A1 £100.45 plus VAT (£120.54 inclusive)
A2 £70.98 plus VAT (£85.18 inclusive)
A3 £50.19 plus VAT (£60.23 inclusive)
A4 £35.49 plus VAT (£42.59 inclusive)


What affects the pricing of our picture framing?

The cost of picture framing will depend both on materials needed and the size of the artwork. In some cases, particularly with unique frames, the complexity and amount of labour needed to make the frame will come at a higher cost, including the creation of 3D carving files.

Are your frame mouldings hand-finished?

Everything we make is hand-finished. We buy our standard frame mouldings, which are typically manufactured in Italy, in 3m lengths from our network of suppliers, then cut them to size, join and finish. We machine our solid wood frames from plank to exact measurements, applying bespoke or custom finishes to order.

Where do we buy our picture framing materials?

Soho Frames sources its materials globally. Most of our solid wood comes from the vast, managed forests in the USA and Canada, and we only buy our timber from an accredited FSC timber yard. We do not deal in any sustainable woods or woods that we feel are suspect, even if they are not on the red list.

Are there pictures and art that can't be framed?

After more than a decade in the industry, we have managed to frame everything that has come into our workshop, coming up with unique techniques and solutions to issues related to fragility, size, and weight. We are happy to go on location to clients’ properties to frame particularly sizeable pieces when necessary, an example of which can be found here.

What is dry mounting in picture framing?

Dry mounting is a process where the artwork is bonded to a substrate, which can be anything from foamcore to aluminium panels. This guards against any risk of wrinkling, and means that the artwork will remain perfectly flat inside the frame. However, in several cases, this process is not recommended, and the rule of thumb is that anything valuable or irreplaceable should not be dry mounted, as the process is generally not archival, and cannot be reversed. However, valuable photography should ideally be dry mounted at the time of printing. We only offer a guarantee on prints which we create in-house, as per industry standard, as there is a chance of damage during the process.

Why should artwork be put into a frame?

We believe that if you love it, you should frame it. Framing artwork should not be based on its value, but whether you would like it to be displayed for your enjoyment for years to come. A picture frame can often be much more than a border, but part of the whole artwork, and many famous artists designed the frames to complement their works. For example, Michelangelo created the framing for his circular artwork Doni Tondo himself. Framing can also protect an artwork from damage, such as scratches or fading under sunlight.

Does the frame come with hanging hooks or fixings?

Unless specifically requested, all of our frames come with hangings. We also offer a professional picture hanging service, which is charged based on the duration of the job, and can range from a single frame to a full wall. We provide this to private residences, galleries, and commercial premises alike, during office hours and out of hours at your convenience.

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