Posters add unique personality and style to any room in your house. Whether you want to showcase your favourite band or movie, or celebrate a local event you had a hand in organising, take it to the next level with a suitably striking custom poster frame. Soho Frames creates one-of-a-kind designs for artwork of any size, including large and extra large poster frames, to match not only the poster itself, but the room in which it will be hung.

For more information about how we work or to explore our range of services, get in touch with any queries you have about your specific poster framing needs

We can print and frame posters

If required, we can print your posters using fine art giclee printing on a variety of stock. Should you choose this option, we also dry mount the poster print so that it remains flat and secure inside the frame.

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  • Black Smooth Finish, White Smooth Finish Black Smooth Finish, White Smooth Finish

  • Metallic Gunmetal, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic Metallic Gunmetal, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic

  • Black Woodgrain, White Woodgrain Black Woodgrain, White Woodgrain

  • Matt Grey, Brown Wood Effect Matt Grey, Brown Wood Effect


  • Maximum poster frame size

    We can accommodate large poster frames, up to 2m x 1.5m max frame outside size though a larger profile frame would be required.

  • Irreplaceable posters

    Valuable or irreplaceable posters require special consideration. Contact us for more information.

Choose YOUR poster frame size and style:

Posters come in a range of sizes — usually depending on the era they were made. Whether it be large posters or awkward sizes, we can accommodate any poster dimensions and are always able to give advice on the style of your frame. Please Get in touch to find out more.

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Quad Poster Frames

Measuring 40” x 30” in a landscape layout (although often done vertically in the modern era). Quad poster frames are the movie industry standard for advertising upcoming attractions in UK cinemas.

The paper stock is heavier and will usually have the print on both sides, making the image look more impactful when displayed in a lightbox.
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One Sheet Film Poster Frames

One-sheet poster frames measure 41” x 27” and are the most common size for movie posters made in the last twenty years.

A portrait design, one-sheet posters are often seen at bus stops or pasted on walls.

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Other sized poster frames

Movie posters don’t just come in the dimensions required for advertising, and reproductions are often printed in a range of sizes to suit home use.

These tend to be within the usual remits of A and B paper sizes, all of which we frame at Soho Frames.


What size frame fits a poster and how to choose the right size poster frame?

It depends on a lot of factors from styling to the specific poster size. Typical movie industry standard posters are 40” x 30”, however posters can come in all shapes and sizes. Here at Soho Frames we can frame any poster up to 2m x 1.5m max frame outside size and ensure our design fits it perfectly.

What is the purpose of a poster frame?

The purpose of a poster frame is wide ranging. Frames have the ability to elevate a poster and create a stand out element in a room. Some iconic posters deserve special recognition, and adding a custom frame is an excellent way of executing that. Poster frames also provide protection from dust, dirt and wear and tear, and can even include UV protection which helps to preserve the art and prevent any damage occurring.

What’s the difference between a poster frame and a picture frame?

There is no difference at all! That said, posters are generally thought of as inexpensive pieces of artwork that often lose their novelty quickly, and therefore have a limited lifespan when displayed. However, this is quite untrue for most posters as many are treasured no matter their re-sale or auction value. Some poster frame profiles like the 22 x 22 shown on this page have a simple square design and finish, but we still build the frame with exactly the same care and attention as a picture frame of many times the cost.

Where should I hang posters?

Posters are a great interior addition to any room in your house. They can be a focal point in the living room, make a bedroom come to life and even add a bold statement to a home office.

What causes poster wrinkling?

There are many potential causes of poster wrinkling. Some of the most common include:

1. Glass placed directly on top of the poster.

2. The poster frame is too tight around the edge of the poster.

3. The poster frame is hung on a cold outside wall.

4. The poster frame is above a radiator or other heat source.

5. The poster frame is in a humid environment (kitchen / bathroom).

6. The poster frame is exposed to outside elements.

7. The poster frame is located in a heavily air-conditioned room.

How do you frame posters without wrinkles?

1. Dry Mount: This is where the poster is bonded to a substrate like polyboard, kappa-board, di-bond or aluminum. This is usually permanent and should not be carried out on anything valuable and / or irreplaceable. A window mount can be used to keep the glass away from the artwork, preventing any wrinkling. Here at Soho Frames we also specialise in mounting and can answer any question you might have about the process.

2. Linen-backing: This is often used on vintage posters to stabilise them and ensure they’re suitable for framing. Linen-backing only works on real paper which is why it is not used on modern (post 1980 onwards approx) posters made of a mixture of paper and plastics. This technique is carried out by an expert in the field

3. Japanese paper: This method is used to stabilise modern film posters as well as other artworks. Some framers “iron out” existing issues including wrinkles and defects with Japanese paper. The process can be reversed if necessary though, and is always conducted by a conservator.

4. Insulation: Insulating a frame back with a 6mm MDF panel for example, can protect the artwork when hung on a cold wall.

5. Heat dispersion: Radiators and heat sources can cause wrinkling. A simple solution is to attach a shelf above the heat source to shield the frame from any rising warm air.

Should I frame valuable / Irreplaceable posters?

Valuable or irreplaceable posters require special consideration. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be framed. We recommended getting in contact with us for more information so we can work to your specific needs.

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