Frame your posters and transform them into art

Posters can help bring your unique personality and taste to any room in your house. Whether you want to showcase your favourite band or film, or celebrate a local event you had a hand in organising, take it to the next level with a suitably striking poster frame. Soho Frames creates one-of-a-kind frames for artwork of any size, including large and extra large poster frames, to match not only the poster itself, but the room in which it will be hung.

For more information about how we work, explore our range of framing services, and feel free to get in touch with any queries you may have about your specific poster framing needs.

We can print and frame posters

We can also print your posters if required – using fine art giclee printing on a variety of stock. Should you choose this option, we will also dry mount the poster print so that it remains perfectly flat inside the frame.

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What to consider when framing your poster

  • Maximum poster frame size

    At Soho Frames, we can frame posters of any size up to 2m x 1.5m max frame outside size.

  • Irreplaceable posters

    There are certain things to consider when framing valuable and / or irreplaceable posters. Please contact us for more information.

  • Exact sized poster frames

    We have a set cost for framing posters straight to edge, where the frame goes straight around the edge of the poster without any window mounting.

Choose YOUR poster frame size and style:

Posters come in a range of sizes – usually dependant on the era they were made. Here at Soho Frames we can accommodate any poster size and are always here to give advice on the style of your poster’s frame. Get in touch.

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Quad Poster Frames

Measuring 40” x 30” in a landscape layout (although often done vertically in the modern era), quad poster frames are the movie industry standard for advertising coming attractions in cinemas, especially in the UK.

The paper stock is heavier and will usually have the print on both sides, making the image look even more impactful when displayed in a lightbox



Frame Cost 22 x 22 profile. Includes standard glass, backing and hangings.

Papers included at this price:

£124.46 plus VAT (£149.35 inclusive)

Prices Quad - £124.46 plus VAT (£149.35 inclusive)
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One Sheet Film Poster Frames

One-sheet poster frames measure 41” x 27” and are the most common size for film posters made in the last twenty years or so.

A portrait design, one-sheet posters are the outdoor equivalent of quad posters, usually seen at bus stops or pasted on walls.



Frame Cost 22 x 22 profile. Includes standard glass, backing and hangings.

Papers included at this price:

The 22 x 22 frame is not suitable for size 1524mm x 1016mm. Please contact us for advice.

Prices One Sheet - £119.14 plus VAT (£142.97 inclusive)
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Other sized poster frames

Film posters don’t just come in the dimensions required for advertising, and reproductions will usually be printed in a range of sizes to suit home use.

These tend to be within the usual remits of A and B paper sizes, all of which we frame here at Soho Frames.



Cost includes standard glass, backing and hangings but excludes drymounting.

B1 £119.49 plus VAT (£143.39 inclusive)
B2 £84.49 plus VAT (£101.39 inclusive)
A0 £142.10 plus VAT (£170.52 inclusive)
A1 £100.45 plus VAT (£120.54 inclusive)
A2 £70.98 plus VAT (£85.18 inclusive)
A3 £50.19 plus VAT (£60.23 inclusive)
A4 £35.49 plus VAT (£42.59 inclusive)