When should you use multi-aperture photo frames?
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When should you use multi-aperture photo frames?

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Multi-aperture photo frames involve presenting three or more pictures together in a singular format. This method has proved to be a tasteful solution for displaying several photographs, usually of the same theme, at the same time. Multi-aperture frames also make for thoughtful gifts — such as to celebrate an anniversary, commemorate a loved one, or welcome a new member of the family.

At Soho Frames, our bespoke, multi-aperture picture frames come in a variety of finishes and styles to ensure that they match the unique needs of our customers. If you’re looking for inspiration on when to use this type of frame, the following guide will walk you through the best types of photos to incorporate into one.


To display holiday photos

Precious memories should never be tucked away, but it is all too easy to forget about holiday photos, whether they’re from days gone by or more recent adventures. Plus, unless you are an organisation fiend, it is likely that your collection is nestled away somewhere or perhaps hidden in the depths of your mobile device. If you are looking to display your holiday photographs, multi-aperture picture frames are ideal for breathing life back into these cherished memories and making them a permanent fixture of the home.

When displaying holiday photos, some people like to group pictures together by theme, location, or even colour palette for an aesthetically-pleasing and synchronous finish. Whatever you decide, we at Soho Frames can help you decide on the perfect border to complement the photographs within. Our end-to-end service includes a discussion with one of our framing specialists, as well as advice on how best to hang the finished product — though we also provide installation if desired.

To capture action shots

Action photography is about catching subjects in motion, often associated with sport and wildlife photography, with the capacity to tell a story through dynamic, frequently successive photos. When it comes to displaying such photographs, multi-aperture photo frames are (in our humble opinion) incomparable for displaying visions of movement.

But action shots aren’t only for professional photographers; they can be taken by anybody. With multi-aperture photo frames, you can recreate the steps behind any significant moment to create an aesthetically pleasing montage — be it an engagement party, your child’s football game, or the humorous behaviour of your favourite fur-baby.

As touched on earlier in this article, multi-aperture photo frames are distinguished by presenting three or more pictures together in a singular format. How many photos you use is entirely up to you — however, generally speaking, between four to eight apertures is advisable in order to appreciate the detail in the photographs. By using our expert printing service, you will be able to replicate the colours and details of your artwork to a museum or gallery standard on the type of paper or canvas of your choosing.

To present family photos

Photographs of children, special events, and family members look wonderful when encapsulated through multi-aperture frames. The collage-like method emphasises the uniqueness of each chosen shot — whether it’s of individual relatives or cherished seasonal moments. This creates a magnificent composition evocative of a photo album.

Additionally, you may have noticed the huge popularity for displaying early childhood photography in multi-aperture frames. From the sleepy, curled up poses of newborns and sweet sibling snaps, these frames allow you to present many different shots at the same time, in one complete fixture.

At Soho Frames, we’re able to design and construct custom frames in any style, whether it’s a horizontal triple-aperture frame or a huge feature large enough to showcase your complete extended family. Our beautiful personalisation services provide one-of-a-kind, hand-finished designs that can be customised to your exact specifications, such as engraving a special date, quote, or name.

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