Four reasons why bespoke picture frames are better than shop bought
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Four reasons why bespoke picture frames are better than shop bought

Framing Services / Four reasons why bespoke picture frames are better than shop bought

When deciding to frame something, there are two main options: either to buy an off-the-shelf frame or a custom-made one. More often than not though, a homeowner will simply visit their local interiors shop to purchase one as it’s quicker and more accessible, as well as often more affordable. It also means you don’t need to hang around to decorate your home — simply pop to the shop or order a frame from Amazon, put the artwork in and hang it up.

However, despite their convenience, there are many limitations to off-the-shelf frames. Not only are there fewer options in terms of style and design, cheap frames are exactly that — cheap. This means that they are often made with poor quality materials, and lack durability as a result.

At Soho Frames, we firmly believe that if you love an image, you should frame it, regardless of monetary value. And if you appreciate an artwork or photograph enough to display it in your home, why not do it right? Commissioning a team of expert framers to design a frame is an ideal option as it will be made to fit the exact measurements of your artwork. Similarly to home furniture, it’s an investment and spending a little more upfront pays dividends later. Here we discuss the benefits of bespoke frames and why they’re so much better than off-the-shelf alternatives.

1. You have more creative control

Bespoke picture frames give you creative control over how they look and what materials are used. Working alongside our designers at Soho Frames, your input is indispensable to the services we provide, as we take your brief and match it accordingly. While shop bought frames come in many different shapes and styles, these are standardised. Whereas having creative control helps you to design a unique picture frame for your artwork. The profile size and shape, as well as the colour and finish can all be customised to suit your exact taste. So, if you visit us with an individual vision for your bespoke frame, we can design the best one for your desired outcome.

2. They’re stronger and more durable

Compared to shop-bought frames, bespoke designs are stronger and more durable due to the high-quality materials used and care taken to manufacture them. In contrast, ready-made frames are usually poorly built and made in large quantities. Often they are held together by glue, which isn’t strong enough to withstand inevitable bashes and drops sustained over years of possession. This is where our service differs. Soho Frames’ bespoke frames are designed using the strongest, long-lasting materials, displaying our exquisite craftsmanship. Built by experts in the industry, there’s no doubt that your frame will be high-quality and last for years. Our materials tend to be resistant to changes in temperature and humidity too, plus  any unexpected knocks or falls. Not to forget that a strong, durable design also protects the artwork inside.

3. They have increased long-term value

While the upfront cost of having a bespoke frame designed and constructed is higher than a shop-bought one, from a financial perspective, these are ultimately still an inferior option. You might spend £25 on a frame in-store but it may become unusable after a short amount of time, and even damage its contents. A bespoke frame, on the other hand, costs more, but lasts years with proper maintenance — think of it like an investment for your home. Accompanied by our expert knowledge of frames and artistry, our designs offer superb presentation, helping to keep your artwork in good condition and increase its overall value. You won’t find yourself back in your local homeware store after just a few months because you’ve knocked a cheap frame and it’s ruined — we guarantee quality.

4.  There are endless options

As we’ve highlighted above, the process of designing and creating a bespoke frame offers you endless options in terms of shape, size, colour and finish. We can make an entirely unique frame for your chosen artwork — this is what makes our designs so special. Soho Frames have the experience and expertise to create hand-finished frames for any prints, posters, fine art, paintings, photographs, and more, in any style. For instance, we’ve built all kinds of odd-shaped frames, as well as ones for objects. With shop-bought designs, there’s fewer choices, and a lack of individuality and adaptability. Most styles will have a white or cream mat board (if it has a mat board, at all), for example, which doesn’t offer much personalisation. As such, it’s best to start from the beginning with us. This allows our designers to create the best possible frame for you and customise every aspect to suit your specific tastes, home preferences and your artwork.

If you have something unique that you’d love to be framed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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